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Smart, streamline and attractive. Casement windows are attached by one or more hinges and open from one side. Normally the full height of the window, the sash opens top to bottom to allow maximum ventilation and ease of use.  Casement windows are extremely versatile and can be used in openings of all shapes and sizes. Providing a completely airtight seal, you can maximise the energy efficiency of your home as well as looking fantastic. Available in a range of colours and finishes, and made to measure. Casement windows can also come fitted with Astragal or Georgian bars for a more in keeping, characterful look.

Variety of design features

Casement windows are designed around you and can be customized to suit your home. Design features such as Astragal or Gorgian bars, flat edge design, colonial design etc. can all be met. You can achieve any look you desire. The range of colours and materials used for your casement windows is completely your choice. We offer varied styles such as PVC, Wood, Clad (wood covered with aluminum or vinyl) and styles including aluminum or steel bars for extra detailing.

Energy Efficient

One of the most energy efficient windows on the market. The sash pane seals completely airtight against the frame on closing. These fixed pane windows, combined with double glazed glass panes mean these are the most energy efficient for your home.

Easy to open and close

Casement windows feature single level latches or tandem latches. Easy to open and close as you desire to allow fresh air into your home. Most models also feature a key locking system to give you added security.
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